Quack of a Lifetime

"City of Bridges"

                      The "City of Bridges"...446 to be exact and that is not even counting the foot bridges. Pittsburgh has more to offer than most would imagine, like Ducky Tours. What are Ducky Tours? Huge boats, from the World War II era that were turned into land vehicles, take you around Pittsburgh and a tour guide indulges you on the history of the beautiful city.

         As you board the tour, you are greeted by your tour guide and the captain, you take your seat and then you are off. 
         First you drive over the Smithfield Street Bridge and get your first glimpse into what the tour is going to be about!

         When traveling around the bustling streets of Pittsburgh, you can see many people that are coming or going from their jobs. The tour guide tells you to say "Quack, Quack, Quack" as people walk by, you will get some "Quacks" back. However, there might be some people that are not all that interested.

            Even for me, someone that lives near the city, it is extremely interesting to get a view of Pittsburgh like no other. You travel up and down streets, you can scope out a nice place to eat, you also get a good look at all the construction that goes on around the city. You see everything from a whole different perspective.

           You drive through the Cultural District, passing all the theaters. Then you cross over the Roberto Clemente Bridge and you are next to PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

         If you think that's exciting, now you are going from land to water. You enter the Ohio River. Your car turns into a boat.
            The Captain throws everyone for a loop now, he lets the kids drive the boat. It is not as bad as it seems, he doesn't sit back, relax and take a nap, he is attentive and helps them steer in case we are headed for the shore line. 

           After being on the water for about 20 minutes, you get out, turn back into a car and travel back through the city, passing the "Financial District" and Point Park University

             PPG Place, a very versatile square, it turns into an ice rink in the winter (with a huge MAGNIFICENT Christmas Tree). These buildings were also the spot where the movie Inspector Gadget was filmed.

              After passing PPG Place, you head back toward Station Square, crossing the Smithfield Street Bridge once again and learning quite a few fun facts from the tour guide. Such as, the game BINGO was first created in Pittsburgh.